5 Feb 2015

Mineral extraction update

Quarrying At Scruton: We have been advised that there have been some changes in the land being put forward in the call for sites.

 We are pleased to note that Malcom Barker has withdrawn his land from the project. Whilst this is an improvement (please see map below) the same issues remain. All the objections we have previously put forward are as relevant. Everyone had first hand experience of the wind problems when the issue over the smell from the bio digester slurry tank occurred a couple of months ago. This same westerly wind will be carrying harmful dust and noise from any quarry workings towards our defenceless community.

There is also another site being put forward further north up Low Street – the field west of Fencote upto Low Street and then north to the road in Kirkby Fleetham – again another sizeable area. Kirkby Fleetham PC have been advised and Scruton PC will be working closely with them.

Residents have been asked to send their objections to the new plan to the council by 13/3/15. This must however be on one of their forms: Scruton Council form - Response Form.docx

Can we ask that everyone takes this very seriously and respond to the council. The objections MUST be on the council, they will not accept anything else. Any quarrying in this area will still have an impact on property prices, all be it slightly further away – it is still far too close to the village, residential properties and our recreational facilities.

Revised mineral extraction map

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