19 Mar 2014

Mineral Extraction

It has recently come to light that an area west of Scruton of approximately 195 hectares (482 acres) has been put forward by a consortium of farmers/landowners following a ‘call for sites’ by North Yorkshire County Council for consideration to quarry sand and gravel.

The combined site stretches from the A1 across to Ham Hall Lane then from Fencedyke Lane nearly to the A684 (see attached map). It incorporates prime agricultural land currently used for food production, woodland and water courses, offering habitat for wildlife, and an environment of natural beauty and public access via bridle-paths.

We have been advised that there have been some changes in the land being put forward in the call for sites. See here for details and a map: Mineral extraction update. Residents have been asked to send their objections to the new plan to the council by 13/3/15. This must however be on one of their forms: Scruton Council form - Response Form.docx

The estimated mineral reserve is 6.5m to 8m tonnes with no timescales as to how long the project will run, the extent of the industrialisation of this vicinity or how much the quality of our lives will be affected.

The Parish Council opposes this potential development and urges villagers to consider its impact on noise, dust, loss of agricultural land and wildlife habitat, as well as the additional traffic, disruption and hazard on our roads. Recreational access by walkers, cyclists and horse-riders to the lanes and bridleways and footpaths around the area will be lost. We urge you to think about the impact on your personal and community life and help nip this proposal in the bud.
The County Council is currently running a consultation period. You can write, free of charge, with objections and comments to the County Council before 11th April 2014 at:

Joint Minerals and Waste Plan, Planning Services,
North Yorkshire County Council
County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 8BR.

or by email to mwjointplan@northyorks.gov.uk

Furthermore, you can support a group of residents who have formed an action group (Scruton Quarry Action Group – SQAG) to oppose this proposal and who have set out the issues and their objections on their website which you can find at: www.scrutonquarryactiongroup.org.uk

The quality of life in Scruton has faced threat before but never more so than now. Let us do our best to preserve it.

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