What is broadband?
Broadband is a new type of fast phone line. Through your computer it lets you access websites, download music, play games, watch movies, send and receive emails and documents – all faster than before. And you (or someone else) will be able to talk on the phone at the same time as being online.

There is no new phone line to install, so no hassle and mess.

What to do next ?
The first point is that even if you have registered an interest, you do NOT have to get broadband installed. Neither do you have to select a service from BT.

If you currently have internet access then there is lots of information available on what to do next. For detailed information use the links on the right. These sites give independent reviews of the many products on offer, and include lots of information on broadband installation. If you need more help then please contact one of the people listed below:

Dave Atherton(see leaflet)david.atherton@uk.fujitsu.com
Mary Atherton(see leaflet)mary.atherton@uk.fujitsu.com
Tim Bailey(see leaflet)t.bailey@virgin.net
Steve Ball(see leaflet)steve@sdball.com
Brian Ellis(see leaflet)briane@fastmail.fm
Richard Zealley(see leaflet)richard@scruton.net

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