This is not a complete list - you'll find many others by searching the Internet or looking in the computer press. Use for independent comparisons.

Costs are per month, and are a flat fee for a standard 500kps service – you can use the Internet as much as you want for no further costs (subject to the limitations of your particular package).

ISP Monthly Cost Web Site

BT Broadband



Virgin Net

Wanadoo (ex Freeserve)

Zen Internet


What’s the difference?
Well they all supply much the same, just dressed up differently. It is worth checking whether they give you a modem and micro-filter as part of the package, or whether you have to buy them yourself. Most offer a “basic” package, which is often limited to a certain amount of either time on line or amount you can download so you need to have some idea of what you will use it for before you choose a package
They all provide technical support in case of problems. They should have the general help info you may require, but may be limited on detailed questions.

If you take an average user browsing, downloading emails, a few games, the odd movie etc, you should be OK with the “basic” package.

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