Parish Council

As a general practice, new chairs and vice-chairs are elected to Scruton Parish Council every two years at the relevant Annual General Meeting.  Currently, for 2015-17, the Chair is Richard O’Neil and the ViceChair is Janet Crampton. 

Contact details for Parish Councillors, the Clerk to the Council and to local district and county councillors are, in alphabetic order:

Parish Councillors:

  • Cllr Janet Crampton, Greenways, 748321 (email
  • Cllr Trevor Howe, 5 East Grange Close, 748355 (email )
  • Mike Widmer, Stone Mole House, Low Street, 748392 (email
  • Cllr Richard O’Neil, 10 Beech Close, 748461(email
  • Cllr Anthony Wood, Rose Cottage, 748301(email


  • Chris Barron, Nyala, 748315(email

District Councillor:

  • Cllr Brian Phillips, Bridge Close, Warlaby (email

County Councillor:

  • Cllr Arthur Barker, Manor House, Burneston(email

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