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Coore Memorial Hall, Scruton

Village Hall May Reopen?

By Editor | 1st July 2020

The Coore Memorial Hall Management Committee will shortly undertake a risk assessment and prepare a plan with a view to reopening the village hall for bookings, provided Covid-19 security requirements can be complied with.

Scruton Parish Council Annual Report 2019-20

By Editor | 1st July 2020

In these extremely trying times, the first thing that I must say is that I hope all of our parishioners are safe and well and that everybody stays that way. Let us all hope that at this time next year, Scruton has another reason to call itself a ‘Thankful Village’.

School House for Let

By Editor | 1st July 2020

Scruton School House is available for letting on an Assured Shorthold tenancy. The rent is £475 pcm.

Flycatcher and Wagtail

Nature Notes – July 2020

By Editor | 1st July 2020

So far June has been anything but ‘flaming’ with strong north and easterly winds bringing cool, damp weather from the North Sea. Despite this the rooks have fledged and peace has returned to those who live near the Green! We have a good number of house martins nesting in the village, but only a few…

Sky at Night

Sky at Night – July 2020

By Editor | 1st July 2020

The earth is at Aphelion at mid-day on 4 July, which means that it is at the furthest distance it can be from the Sun. On 6 July, the full moon passes just below Jupiter in the SSE sky, and with Saturn to the upper left, this makes an interesting sight.

Hedgehog Cam Success!

By Editor | 1st July 2020

For his birthday, Ian Hobson bought himself a Raspberry Pi, which some of you may know is a small but powerful micro-computer, about the size of a credit card.


Farming News – July 2020

By Malcolm Barker | 1st July 2020

The landscape has suddenly turned green since last month. The parched grass (which can reveal archaeological features) has become vibrant and is now growing fast. 

Look Back in Time

By Editor | 30th June 2020

In July 2000 – a time capsule was buried on the Village Green as part of the Millennium celebrations.  A plaque commemorating its burial is stored at the Village Hall along with information about the capsule’s exact location and instructions for opening in 2100. 

St Radegund open for Private Prayer

By Editor | 30th June 2020

To arrange access for private prayer please contact John Mainwaring-Taylor (tel. 748 617) to agree a convenient time. You will be welcome to enter the church at the pre-arranged time but you must maintain social distancing and follow strict hygiene rules

Hambleton District Council

NYCC COVID-19 Update

By Janet Crampton | 24th June 2020

Councillor Annabel Wilkinson has requested that the NYCC bulletin about Covid-19 is shared with the community.

Farmland Development along By-Pass

By Janet Crampton | 13th June 2020

There is a petition running on to stop Hambleton District Council from purchasing the farmland alongside the bypass and expanding the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate.

Lungworm Symptoms

Lungworm in Scruton!

By Editor | 6th June 2020

There appears to be lungworm around the village. Lungworm is a parasitic infection that is fatal in dogs, spread by the secretions of slugs and snails. Lungworm of a different sort can affect cats too.

NYCC COVID-19 Update – June 2nd

By Janet Crampton | 3rd June 2020

Councillor Annabel Wilkinson has requested that today’s NYCC bulletin about Covid-19 is shared with the community.

Scruton walk #1 - Parklands

Scruton Walks

By Editor | 27th May 2020

Ian Hobson has produced a new set of walks around Scruton’s countryside. Three of them (on public rights of way) can be found here. It should be noted that other walks on private land near the flood banks are only available to Scruton residents with the kind permission of David or Bill Raine. It is…

Grass Cutting Caution!

By Editor | 27th May 2020

The grass cutters have asked that children should not play on the grass areas whilst cutting is in progress. The grass is cut every second Tuesday (usually between 1pm – 2pm) and on a recent occasion, some children were trying to outrun the machines – very risky!!!

Benefice of the Lower Swale

From the Rectory – June 2020

By Editor | 27th May 2020

As the weeks pass by I find some days are productive and some, to quote a favourite saying, ‘I put my laundry in the oven.’ Some days I begin with renewed determination and others with a feeling of dismay. Apparently this is normal.


Farming News – June 2020

By Editor | 27th May 2020

On the farm, May is a month to take things a little easier, catching up with jobs like planting swedes, doing accounts, tidying up after the winter and collecting/sawing timber to dry out before next winter.


Nature Notes – June 2020

By Editor | 27th May 2020

Storm Arthur has brought spring to an abrupt end, wrecking blossom trees and gardens and scorching Mary & Rory Clarke’s apple tree!  On a brighter note, Audrey & Gordon McQuillen have had a song thrush nest in their garden and have watched the fledglings being fed snails and slugs.

Sky at Night

Sky at Night – June 2020

By Editor | 27th May 2020

There is no true night during June in Scruton; the sky is not black but rather a beautiful velvet deep blue, merging to turquoise on the northern horizon. Look out for Noctilucent Clouds in the hour before and after midnight, as they catch the light of the midnight sun.

Alan Moore

Scruton War Hero is 101

By Editor | 27th May 2020

Happy Birthday to Scruton resident Alan Moore who was 101 years young on 19th May. Alan’s war record is most remarkable. He was part of the small force left behind in Dunkirk to hold back the Germans whilst the majority of our troops were evacuated from the beach. Alan was taken prisoner and forced to…

Aiskew Works May 2020

Drainage Works, Aiskew

By Editor | 1st May 2020

Planned drainage investigation works on Bedale Road at Aiskew will begin on the 18th May and will involve a full road closure of the A684 for a period of 10 days, please see attached site plan for further details. 

COCID-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19 Testing in the Thirsk Area

By Editor | 1st May 2020

As part of the national roll out of the Key Worker Testing for COVID–19, a number of military run drive-through Mobile Testing Units will be operating in North Yorkshire over the next few days.

COCID-19 Coronavirus

Hambleton COVID-19 Testing Available

By Editor | 29th April 2020

Public information issued on behalf of the Ministry of Defence and Department of Health and Social Care As part of the national roll out of the Key Worker Testing for Covid–19, a military run drive-through Mobile Testing Unit will be operating from the car park of Hambleton District Council’s Civic Centre in Northallerton on Tuesday 28th April…

clean up dog poo

Dogs Still Fouling the Footpaths

By Editor | 27th April 2020

Despite warnings issued by the Hambleton Dog Warden when he visited Scruton, some irresponsible dog walkers are still not cleaning up after their dogs. You must clear away dog faeces and use the bins provided!