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The Humble Potato

By Editor | 27th April 2020

Chris Snell will leave potato tubers and growing bags outside 6 The Parklands for villagers to help themselves and enter the Scruton Allotments Potato Challenge.

Benefice of the Lower Swale

From the Rectory – May 2020

By Editor | 27th April 2020

As I sit at my desk watching the birds out of my study window, trying to retain a sense of humour and a sense of self, I reflect on the strangeness of the current situation we live in. Time has slowed.

VE Day

VE Day 75th Anniversary

By Stephen Elmer | 27th April 2020

Our Local Church Council had planned to celebrate VE Day with a party in the village hall. The village still intends to have a traditional celebration once the restrictions are lifted.

Sky at night May 2020

Scruton Sky at Night – May 2020

By Editor | 27th April 2020

Twilight begins to persist all night with no truly dark nights until the end of July. Now is a good time to see Noctilucent Clouds. These are thin, high clouds of ice crystals that catch the light of the sun, which even at midnight is not far below the northern horizon.


Nature Notes – May 2020

By Editor | 27th April 2020

April is the month when winter gives way to summer. The winter thrushes have been replaced by house martins and swallows, of which we have one or two already.


Farming News – May 2020

By Malcolm Barker | 27th April 2020

Seen from my tractor window, one of the few good things to come out of the lockdown is the number of families walking around the village. I hope this family time continues when the current crisis is past.

Mayford House Surgery

Mowbray House arrangements

By Editor | 18th April 2020

COVID-19 has required the practice to process unprecedented change within a very tight time frame. We’re conscious that a lot of what we have had to undertake would have ordinarily taken a great deal of planning, preparation and consultation with you before it was rolled out but we have had to act quickly. Therefore we wanted to take the opportunity to send an email with some of the changes we have implemented.

Coore Arms, Scruton

Coore Arms Grocery Ordering Service – Price Amendments

By Stephen Elmer | 16th April 2020

Due to changes in wholesale prices, there is a NEW ORDER FORM for Grocery Orders from the Coore Arms this week If you use the spreadsheet version: please download a new Order Form from the pub web site: or email for Orders: If you use the paper version: make sure you use the…

Happy Easter Scruton

By Stephen Elmer | 10th April 2020

The picture below was painted a few days ago by Jan Hobson, with the idea that it would make an Easter card for everyone.

Virtual Screen Scruton – April

By Stephen Elmer | 8th April 2020

In lieu of the usual SCREEN SCRUTON which would normally have taken place today at the Village Hall, I have instead produced an alternative Virtual Screen Scruton.

Coore Arms, Scruton

Support Local Business

By Editor | 24th March 2020

It’s important that we all do whatever we can to support local businesses for their survival through this crisis. The Coore Arms can provide take-away food and home delivery. Spring House Farm is also doing take-away and food-for-collection. Whites Butcher is open and supplying, and the Egg Shed is open for collections. Malcom Barker sells…

Footpath along Station Road

By Editor | 24th March 2020

The Parish Council have been notified that North Yorkshire County Council have rejected the request for a footpath from the A684 to the Scruton Station. The Parish Council has offered to provide Hi-Viz vests to any one who needs to walk this road, particularly during the hours of darkness. Please contact the Clerk to request…

Frank Burns

By Editor | 24th March 2020

It is with great sadness that we learned recently about the death of Frank Burns, age 87. He was a long-time resident of Scruton until moving into sheltered accommodation in Bedale and then into care in York. Frank lived in Meadow Drive with his wife Barbara, and initially with their 3 children, Stephen, Sally and…

Sky at Night – April 2020

By Editor | 24th March 2020

Venus continues to dominate the western sky throughout April and will be very close to the open cluster of the Pleiades from 1st to 5th of the month with the best view being on 2 April. Through binoculars this will be a fantastic sight with the many stars of the cluster, and you should be…

Nature Notes – April 2020

By Editor | 24th March 2020

Spring has finally arrived, the dawn chorus is well underway and skylarks are singing. Daylight is rapidly increasing, encouraging the re-birth of plant and animal life. Those of you with ponds will no doubt have plenty of frog spawn (photo thanks to Liz Davies) which will be followed by toad spawn towards the end of…

Welcome to Scruton

By Editor | 24th March 2020

A a new village information booklet  has been delivered to every house in the parish along with this newsletter. The plan had been to launch this publication at the newcomers Welcome Evening on 27 March, which of course is now postponed until after the coronavirus crisis. In the meantime, you may be interested to see…

Scruton WhatsApp Group

By Janet Crampton | 22nd March 2020

Because its so important to keep in touch as this pressing time, Fiona Fawcett (Plewsy) has set up a WhatsApp group purely for the exchange of key information and facts to help us all through the stressful time during the Coronavirus restrictions. If you think this would be useful or you want to be included…

Informal Walking Group

By Janet Crampton | 22nd March 2020

A group of us are going to try to get out walking regularly, until we’re completely locked down perhaps. Weather permitting, if you’re interested in a short stroll, in ones or twos in accordance with latest guidelines, meet on the Village Green at 10 a.m. any Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning. Take all the precautions…

Recent Notice of Corona Cancellations – corrected email

By Editor | 21st March 2020

We have heard that the following have been cancelled for all the reasons you’d expect and in line with government guidelines and until further notice

Covid-19 Advice

By Editor | 21st March 2020

Do you need someone to help you with food shopping, prescriptions, posting mail, or any other urgent essentials?

Hambleton District Council

Ham Hall Lane

By Editor | 1st March 2020

The Parish Council have been notified that Ham Hall Lane is now officially closed for a six month period. This is a formal/official closure rather than the informal arrangement which was the case previously.

Scruton Sky at Night – March 2020

By Editor | 1st March 2020

The second of this year’s ‘supermoons’ will occur on the evening of 9 March. On the morning of 19 March at around 6 am there will be a very thin crescent moon with several planets adjacent as shown in the image below. You should at least be able to see Jupiter & Mars.

Nature Notes – March 2020

By Editor | 1st March 2020

February has proven to be an extremely wet and windy month with the Swale breaking its banks on three occasions. The large areas of flood land have attracted blackheaded and herring gulls, together with lapwing, golden plover and curlew, all of which will be dispersing to their breeding grounds within the next week or two.…

Vote For Scruton! Wonderful Village Photo

By Editor | 1st March 2020

The Coore Memorial Hall committee have entered the picture shown below into Allied Westminster’s “Wonderful Village” competition. The theme of the competition is Village Life – a photo which characterises the value of community in your village. The competition aims to celebrate village life and especially the contribution that village halls and people doing things make to…