Scruton Fest 2024 Report

Rishi Sunak at Scruton Fest 2024Rishi Sunak (seen here chatting to Margaret Ward and Norma Slade) made a surprise visit to the Fest and spent time talking to stall holders and festival goers.

Mark Gatenby commented on behalf of SPFA & the Fest Crew: ‘We enjoyed 3 excellent acts, and local band Citizen Smith was the highlight of the evening. Having a stage gave the event a focal point and a proper festival feel’.

Based on initial indications from the stall holders and ticket sales, Mark predicts a decent profit will be generated for the village. The date for next year’s Fest has been set for 28 June 2025; put it in your diary now! SPFA are on the lookout for new members and volunteers; anyone interested in helping with the next Fest or other events should contact SPFA.