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Parish Council noticeboards are located at the village hall and on the village green. A public-access noticeboard is located in the bus shelter opposite Pittfields Corner.

Scruton Information Signboard

A ‘Thankful Village’ signboard located on the village green near the Church, tells the story of Scruton from its ancient origins through to it becoming a Thankful Village.


1st January 2020

An increase in speeding through the village has been noted in recent weeks and motorists are reminded of the importance of keeping  strictly to the speed limit.

Hambleton District Council

Christmas Tree Disposal

1st January 2020

Christmas trees will be collected in January if they are chopped up and put in the green bin. Note: this service is for garden waste subscribers (see above).

Hambleton District Council

Garden Waste Services

1st January 2020

Subscriptions for the 2020/21 garden waste collection service are available from Hambleton District Council. The cost is £40 per licence per year.

SPC Precept Increase

1st January 2020

In order to arrest the decline and to bolster the funds to a more reasonable level, the decision was taken to increase the precept.

Village Hall Week

1st January 2020

Celebrating England’s Village Halls, 20 – 26 January 2020 by Anthony Wood

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