Distance:            1 Mile. This walk is all on Public Rights of Way.

Stiles:                 Two (indicated on the map).

Description:       A chance to view the Cedars of Lebanon trees in the Parklands at close-up.

Warning:             Be aware that there are usually cattle in the Parklands field so be particularly careful if you are walking your dog.

Obey the countryside rules regarding gates, livestock and crops. If taking your dog, keep it on the lead at all times and be sure to take poo bags with you to clear up any mess. Be considerate at all times.

Scruton walk #1 - Parklands


  • Starting point is the village green near the church.
  • With your back to the church turn right and walk to The Parklands.
  • Turn right into The Parklands, go around the bend and take the footpath between houses No. 3 and 4 and go over the stile into the field.
  • Walk diagonally, west-northwest (WNW), across the field and negotiate the stile at the far side onto Fleetham Lane.
  • Turn left and walk back to the start along the road.