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Scruton Picnic Raffles Prizes 2021

By Editor | 8th September 2021

Details of prizewinners from the raffle at Scruton picnic on 4th September 2021. Open or download list of prizewinners

Scruton Christmas Card 2021

Scruton Christmas Card 2021

By Editor | 30th August 2021

St Radegund’s Church Council will organise the 2021 Village Christmas Card in the same way as last year.

Scruton Parish Council

Parish Council – September 2021

By Clerk | 30th August 2021

News on Ham Hall Lane, bulb planting, the solar farm and more…

Surface of Mars

Scruton Sky at Night – September 2021

By Editor | 30th August 2021

Skies are gradually getting darker, and a New Moon on 7 September means there will be a better opportunity to view the sky since there will be no moonlight to interfere.


Scruton Allotments – Potato Weigh-In & Picnic

By Editor | 30th August 2021

Potato Weigh-In for the annual potato growing competition will be held at the Village Picnic this year.


Farming News – September 2021

By Malcolm Barker | 30th August 2021

The long summer evenings are suddenly missed by the end of the month as the Sun is setting by 8 pm and suddenly we realise that autumn is here


Nature Notes – September 2021

By Editor | 30th August 2021

The third weekend in August (21st & 22nd) saw the first significant rainfall for several weeks.

Scruton Parish Council

Parish Council – July 2021

By Editor | 27th June 2021

The planning application for the Solar Installation has been submitted to Hambleton DC.

Wensleydale Railway

Wensleydale Rail Travel

By Editor | 27th June 2021

You will have heard (quite literally) that Wensleydale Railway is now running trains from Bedale to Scruton.

Lightrock Power

Solar Farm Update

By Editor | 27th June 2021

Lightrock and Bluefield would like to reiterate our thanks to everyone in the community for the insight and input in helping to shape the solar farm proposals.

Pied Wagtail & Chafer Beetle

Nature Notes – July 2021

By Editor | 27th June 2021

June has been sunny but dry, making it difficult for many birds to feed their young.


Farming News – July 2021

By Malcolm Barker | 27th June 2021

The dry weather of June has been beneficial because it has allowed me to get most of this year’s hay baled without it getting rained upon.

Sky at Night

Scruton Sky at Night – July 2021

By Editor | 27th June 2021

The night skies are still very light, making celestial viewing difficult. But with the passing of the Summer Solstice in June we will be gradually getting shorter days and hence darker nights.

Coore Arms

Double Honour for Coore Arms

By Editor | 27th June 2021

Scruton’s Coore Arms has won two awards for supporting the village during the pandemic by providing a takeaway and delivery service and supplying fresh produce and groceries to residents. 

Safari Supper

Safari Supper Returns!

By Editor | 27th June 2021

Karen Long has contacted Scruton News to say that she plans to bring back the Safari Supper in October!

Scruton Parish Council

From the Parish Council – June 2021

By Clerk | 30th May 2021

New Chair – Councillor Nye has succeeded Councillor Widmer as Chair…

solar eclipse

Scruton Sky at Night – June 2021

By Editor | 30th May 2021

The main event in June should not cause a problem, and this is the partial solar eclipse on 10 June. This will be the largest eclipse in the UK for the last 6 years

Spring Blossom

Nature Notes – June 2021

By Editor | 30th May 2021

For the first ten days of May the dry northerly airflow and frosts continued so that early nesting birds failed and the dawn and evening chorus stopped.

Lightrock Power

Solar Farm Update – June 2021

By Editor | 30th May 2021

Planning Application- has now been submitted to Hambleton DC and will be available soon to view online

Farming News – June 2021

By Malcolm Barker | 30th May 2021

This is the month for sheep shearing and hopefully the making of silage and the best hay, if the weather permits.

Horse Droppings

By Clerk | 30th May 2021

Chris Barron has asked for this notice to go out having received some complaints about horse droppings in the footpaths between Common Lane and Beech Close

Wensleydale Railway Re-Opens

By Editor | 29th May 2021

Wensleydale Railway is reopening services between Bedale and Scruton, via Leeming Bar, commencing on Saturday 29 May.


Ham Hall Lane Closure

By Clerk | 2nd May 2021

Ham Hall Lane will be closed from 10th to 14th May for repairs to the cattle grid.

Scruton Station Neds You!

By Janet Crampton | 2nd May 2021

Plans to reopen the Wensleydale Railway from Bedale to Scruton via Leeming Bar are becoming clear and we need a lot more volunteers!