Benefice of the Lower Swale

From the Rectory – November 2020

By Editor | 31st October 2020

I love Autumn: the colours and smells, yet it seems such a short season in comparison to the winter it leads into.

Scruton Parish Council

Parish Precept

By Editor | 28th October 2020

With effect from April next year, the precept for Scruton Parish will increase by £250. This will mean a cost to each Parish household of around £1 per year.

Scruton Parish Council

Traffic Mirrors

By Editor | 28th October 2020

The possibility, reported in last month’s newsletter, of placing traffic mirrors at Fence Dyke Lane and Silver Street corner has been rejected by NYCC Highways Dept.


Farming News – November 2020

By Malcolm Barker | 28th October 2020

This year potato picking is slow, challenging work as the ground is heavy and wet after a year of drought and flood and an unusually dark summer making all varieties smaller.  As I write, half the potatoes are picked and half still in the ground. All the potatoes I grow, Valour, Eurostar and Rudolph, are…


Nature Notes – November 2020

By Editor | 28th October 2020

We remembered a village event held on the playing fields, when people dancing in the rain caused worms to emerge.  You may also have seen gulls ‘paddling’ their feet to lure worms to the surface.

Rolls Royce DYN 11

Farewell to DYN 11

By Editor | 28th October 2020

Stephen Elmer has bid farewell to his cherished Rolls Royce vintage car. The car has been in Scruton since 2013 and has featured each year in the exhibits at Scruton’s Annual Fete and several local weddings. Stephen said, “The car has been shipped to Horsham in West Sussex, close to the home of her original…

Scruton Thankful Ale

Thankful Ale

By Editor | 28th October 2020

Ten more cases of Thankful Ale are available for delivery to your door.

St Radegund's in snow

Scruton Christmas Card

By Editor | 28th October 2020

Thank you to everyone who has ordered Christmas cards and returned their Christmas greetings signature sheets.

Sky at night - November 2020

Scruton Sky at Night – November 2020

By Editor | 28th October 2020

Darker skies mean better viewing in November. From the 5th onward, the constellation Orion is visible, low at first in the ESE sky but rising higher, ending November fairly high in the SE.

Postman Pat

Resumption of Mobile Post Service

By Editor | 19th October 2020

We are reliably informed that the mobile post van will be returning to the village tomorrow and every Tuesday afternoon at The Coore Arms Car Park from 2:30 – 3:00 p.m.

St Radegund's Scruton North Yorkshire

St Radegund’s Open for Private Prayer

By Editor | 19th October 2020

The church is now open for private prayer following Sunday services until 6pm on Wednesdays.

Scruton Parish Council

From the Parish Council

By Editor | 28th September 2020

Scruton parish council are dealing with matters by email but met in an emergency session on 9 September to comply with their statutory obligations.

silber penny

A Story for Halloween

By Editor | 28th September 2020

As I was turning the tractor at one end of the field and preparing to drop the plough into the ground for the next furrows, I became aware that something or someone was holding me back.

Victorian culvert in Scruton

Victorian Culvert

By Editor | 28th September 2020

The culvert bypasses the old open gutter, which you can see traces of in the field, and empties into Crow Wood.

Benefice of the Lower Swale

From the Rectory – October 2020

By Editor | 28th September 2020

We have been celebrating the blessings of harvest both outdoors and indoors and this has helped people focus on the positive aspects of our lives.


Scruton Potato Challenge Weigh-in Results

By Editor | 28th September 2020

On a wet and Covid-19 restricted day in early September, Scruton Allotment Association held this year’s potato ‘weigh-in’. There were 24 entries ranging from 0.2 to 3.9 kg of potatoes grown from just one tuber. 

Scruton Sky at Night

By Editor | 28th September 2020

The planet Mars is very well placed for most of the month, high up in the evening sky to the south around midnight. 


Farming News – October 2020

By Malcolm Barker | 28th September 2020

The crop yields this summer have been poor to average at best. In a normal year imports would fill the ensuing shortages but after the New Year it is possible that Brexit may cause a bottleneck at the ports leading to shortages on the shelves.

Elephant Hawkmoth

Nature Notes – October 2020

By Editor | 28th September 2020

With dusk falling earlier, now is a good time to see tawny owls sitting at high points in the village as they contest for winter territories by hooting. There are regular sightings of a barn owl sitting on posts between Fence Dyke Lane and The Grange.

Scruton in Snow by William Holmes

Christmas Card 2020

By Editor | 5th September 2020

St Radegund’s Church Council is pleased to announce that the Village Christmas Card will go ahead this year and is grateful to William (Billy) Holmes who has kindly donated a water colour image ‘A View of Scruton Under Snow’ for us to use.


Farming News – September 2020

By Editor | 5th September 2020

As I sit here on a rainy late August evening the summer seems to be slipping away. August, in this area, is often the wettest month of the year, with conversely, February being the driest. This February was an exception to that rule.


Nature Notes – September 2020

By Editor | 5th September 2020

Summer came to a sudden stop on Bank Holiday weekend with strong northerly winds significantly reducing the air temperature. Despite this we still have a handful of nesting house martins and a pair of swallows.

Sky at Night

Scruton Sky at Night – September 2020

By Editor | 5th September 2020

Darkening nights now make for better viewing of the evening skies and it is interesting to note that there are proposals to designate parts of the Yorkshire Dales as a Dark Sky Reserve.

Scruton lidar view

Amazing LIDAR Image Reveals Scruton’s Ancient Past

By Editor | 28th July 2020

A search on Google revealed images of Scruton showing the ground level with all of the buildings removed. It was like looking from above at the village 700 years ago.