Distance:            2.5 or 2 Miles. This walk is all on Public Rights of Way.

Stiles:                 None.

Description:       This is a pleasant walk in good weather but be aware that the path beyond Lucky Barn can be muddy in wet conditions. There is also a fair amount of road walking which, if you want to avoid, it is possible to retrace one’s steps once Low Street is reached. This would shorten the walk to about 2 miles.

Warning:             Obey the countryside rules regarding gates, livestock and crops. If taking your dog, keep it on the lead at all times and be sure to take poo bags with you to clear up any mess. Be considerate at all times.

Scruton walk #3


  • Starting point is the village green near the church.
  • With your back to the church, turn right and walk to the junction with Fleetham Lane.
  • Continue towards Kirkby Fleetham and just after the Hamhall Lane junction, there is a double metal gate on the left. Go through the gate (closing it after you).
  • Go right across the little field to another gate and then continue straight on towards Lucky Barn.
  • The footpath runs to the right of the barn and then continues roughly in a straight line through some woods and then on to Low Street.
  • At this point you have a choice: (1) go right on Low Street, right again on Fence Dike Lane and right once more on Fleetham Lane, to return back to the start point; or (2) simply retrace your steps back to the start point.