Farming News – June 2021

This is the month for sheep shearing and hopefully the making of silage and the best hay, if the weather permits. May has been wet but the rain was desperately needed and the grass is finally growing.

During the many hours of potato selling, at auction marts, throughout the winter months I have taken to filling my time in by making oil paintings. Painting has been a hobby since I left school but I took a break from it for 13 years whilst the children were young.  I eventually plucked up the courage to take my easel so that I could paint whilst waiting for customers. I expected to be mocked but found, instead, that people would look over my shoulders and watch as I painted. I started with landscapes but have ventured to paintings of my family and farm animals. Most of the cattle and sheep paintings and a few of the landscapes are of Scruton.

I am currently looking out for old black and white photographs of working horses so that I can produce coloured paintings from them.