Farming News – March 2023

Well, we’re over the bleakest months of the year. I can’t say that the coldest part is yet over because recent years have brought a cold east wind during March and April. March is a hopeful month, with lighter mornings and evenings and the promise of summer approaching.

Most of my sheep have lambed, with only a few ‘stragglers’ remaining. I like the sheep to lamb during the winter months because I have more time to look after them before getting busy in spring. For 40 years I have done around 110 hours of work each week during lambing, my busiest time of the year; this drops back to around 60 hours per week at my easiest time, during late spring.

You will be aware that the supermarkets are starting to run short of certain foods. They refuse to pay suppliers any extra to compensate for increased production costs brought about by higher energy and fertiliser prices. Many farmers are cutting back on the food crops which they are planting this coming year. I will only plant half as many potatoes, it is uneconomic to spend £12 to grow a sack of potatoes which I then deliver for £10!