Farming News – September 2023

I am feeling my age. In my head I am still 22 but when I set off to run after a sheep or a cow, I feel more like 90. Last year I tore the muscles in my right shoulder when starting a chainsaw. I still am unable to reach for things with my right arm and earlier this month I tore the muscles in my left shoulder whilst sorting sheep. I was starting to feel better, until last week, when I was unblocking my round baler and the long-handled spanner which is used for the job came off the sprocket and I retore both shoulders. I am ok during the day, but I must sleep upright in a chair at night because lying down is too painful.

The harvest is 90% completed but a few acres of spring barley are still unripe and probably won’t be ready until mid-September. Potatoes and fodder beet are looking well at this stage, but they won’t be ready to harvest until October and November.

I am hoping to make some silage this month, but it will take much longer to wilt because the days are shorter and cooler than they are in June.