From the Parish Council – July 2024

Thank You – to all involved in the D-Day (80) events and Scruton Fest; two good examples of Scruton at its best.

Flooding – It would appear (touch wood) that our flooding issues are being addressed. Ham Hall Lane has been dry since the blockage under the Cricket Field was cleared; Silver Street has been addressed and NYC have jetted the drains along Station Road from the A684. Hopefully, this should mean goodbye to all those large puddles.

Morton Bridge – SPC attended a meeting of the Richmond (Yorks) Area Constituency Committee, to hear the latest Highways Works Programme proposals about the Morton on Swale river flooding issues. It was reported that in the short term they will add some road signage; in the medium term they will consider some electronic signage, but this would be subject to availability of funds; and in the long term they will consider construction works to alleviate the problem, again this would be subject to availability of funds.

Vacancies – We are still advertising for another Parish Councillor and a Parish Clerk. If you are interested, please contact one of us for further details.