Faming News – June 2022

May has been a month of catching up on work which should have been done during April. I was advised after my heart attack, to start work slowly and build up steadily over the next four weeks to my usual work load. In truth, most of the work has been easy, sowing barley and swedes and planting potatoes. The barley has been sown desperately late and I expect the yield to suffer as a result. Heavier work has included treating sheep and lambs for foot-rot.

Lamb with foot rotThis involves tipping the sheep or lamb over and holding it whilst I trim the hooves and spray antibiotic onto the rotting part of the hoof. The most awkward feature of the last month has been the fact that I wasn’t allowed to drive on the road for 7 days after my stent was fitted, and because I am waiting for a second stent, the 7 days was automatically extended to 28 days.

My other main job for May hasn’t been started yet, and that is the chopping of logs ready for winter. If the logs have the summer to dry out, then they burn hotter and cleaner during the following winter.