Farming News – February 2023

Last Autumn I responded to a Facebook advert which was requesting Leeds based artists. I explained that I live about 50 miles away but gave details of my website and Facebook page. A few weeks later I received a call asking if they could send a cameraman to film me at work and whilst painting. This was arranged for a Friday, and shows me working at the farm then painting at Leyburn Mart. The resulting film was introduced by Gabby Logan and shown to 10,000 people at Headingley Stadium on 7 January at the opening ceremony of Leeds 2023 which is the city’s ‘Year of Culture’. This short film has now been added to my Facebook page.

Painting by Malcolm Barker

Last Summer I went to Northern Ireland to paint, as a wildcard, in Landscape Artist of the year. This episode was transmitted at the end of January. The judges were very complementary but I didn’t win, although Joan Bakewell said ‘Obviously you are an extremely accomplished artist’. I can live with that.

The sheep started lambing in January and then stopped again. We have a total of six lambs from four sheep.