Farming News – January 2023

As we leave the old year behind, I keep seeing online posts about what a horrible year 2022 was, but I think that in the next decade we may look back with nostalgia and accept that it wasn’t so bad after all. Yes, it had its difficulties, but we did have a long hot summer when it eventually came and surely that lifts the spirits more than a cold wet summer.

On the farm, January is the month when we should start lambing. It is always a pleasure to see new life during the coldest months of the year and I still have not tired of this, even at the start of my 50th season. As a youngster I was a natural at delivering lambs because I had small hands and a strong grip so that I could hold on to the slimy legs of the prenatal lambs and deliver them with mostly successful results.

My apologies to anyone who had problems ringing me to order potatoes. BT changed our phone number without telling us in mid-November and we only found out when Joe rang and couldn’t get through. We then had to wait another week to get our old number back.

Anyone still wishing to order potatoes should ring 01609 748627. £10 per sack (25kg) or £6 per half sack (12.5 kg) – Ed.