Farming News – June 2023

May has been a month where the crops have grown fast because of the combination of warm weather and sufficient moisture in the ground. I planted my potatoes at the start of May, a little later than I would have liked, but I had to wait until the field was dry enough to rotavate and make the rows. In line with many potato growers around the country, I have reduced the area planted because sales have not covered the increased costs for the last few years. Grass growth continues to look good, as anyone with a lawnmower will be aware.

During the first two weekends of June, I will be opening up my lambing shed as an art gallery as part of a countywide event organised by North Yorkshire Open Studios. I will have around 100 original paintings on display as well as a number of prints. Some of the paintings and all of the prints will be for sale but my main reason for exhibiting them is to give people the opportunity to view the originals rather that looking at them as a screen image.

This summer will mark 50 years since I started painting and this will be my first exhibition. It will be a free event for anyone interested and will be signposted from the village and from the main road.