Farming News – June 2024

The relatively dry and warm weather of May gave us the chance to get this year’s crops planted. The lateness of planting is likely to result in lower yields but that may be offset by moist ground conditions giving better growth than the dry conditions of recent years. Grass growth has been excellent with its roots in moisture and leaves in sunshine.

Potatoes in a fieldThe remnants of last year’s potatoes, left unpicked because of flooding, are now growing a new crop. I don’t know how they will yield because it’s bad practice to grow them twice upon the same land. It is possible that disease or nematodes will destroy the crop but so far they are looking well.

My North Yorkshire open studios events will be on the weekends of 1-2 June and 8-9 June, held near Scruton Station, in the field adjacent to Penhambleton. They are free for anyone to come and have a look. I will be exhibiting original paintings and prints and, if I can get hold of a display case, I will show a few historical artefacts found over the years on my farm.