Farming News – March 2022

The days lengthen in February and the four weeks give an extra hour at each end of the day. By the time March arrives, spring arrives also. Lambing is two thirds completed now and the remaining third will be slow to deliver. Aside from lambing, February was spent repairing fences and chopping logs because firewood is our chief form of fuel for heating and I like to keep a stock of logs drying in reserve.

Last July I was accepted to take part in the Sky Arts programme, Landscape Artist of the Year and I travelled to a stately home in Warwickshire for filming at Compton Verney House. I didn’t win, but when asked by the producer if I’d had a wonderful day, I replied, ‘yes, and someone from the stately home bought my painting’. The programme was broadcast on Sky Arts (Channel 11) on 9 February and is also on NowTV.