Farming News – November 2023

After my banking troubles, I got money into my new bank and paid everyone. I hate owing money, particularly to small businesses who need it most.

I still have half my potatoes to pick, but after the recent rain they will have to stay in the ground longer. The pattern of cold late springs and warm late autumns has continued this year, but I would prefer a warm, early spring to give everything a lift after the long months of winter. I dislike the long winter nights. Work always seems harder in darkness because, for example, if I put a spanner on the ground, it may be difficult to find it again if it is hidden in shadows. My cows also enjoy the warm summer evenings, lazing in the sunshine instead of being in a barn on dark winter nights.

November is a month for sawing and storing firewood during the days when I am not selling potatoes and bagging them in the evenings. In the long hours I listen to Radio 4 or audiobooks, and I generally complete 2 or 3 books each week. I prefer the classics, but I like an assortment to keep things interesting.