Farming News – October 2020

There is an old Russian proverb which states, ‘If you are going to die of starvation, it will be at Easter’. Why am I telling you this cheery news in the autumn of 2020? Well, the answer is simple. The crop yields this summer have been poor to average at best. In a normal year imports would fill the ensuing shortages but after the New Year it is possible that Brexit may cause a bottleneck at the ports leading to shortages on the shelves.

Why again am I telling you this now?  The answer is that if each of you in your own households keep buying extra non perishable foods week by week to build a stock up now, then your families should be able to eat if the supermarket shelves again become depleted. Please do not panic buy but just keep putting away a few extra tins or bags of flour for example and top up your freezer with the perishable items.

It may be that our Government agrees trade deals which result in the nation having plentiful food supplies through until next harvest but the best insurance is to be prepared.