From the Parish Council – April 2024

74 Bus – We have been informed that the Bedale-Northallerton bus will resume half hourly services from 8 April and will stop on request at Scruton Lane End.

D-Day 80 Commemoration – there will be a short memorial service on the Village Green with Beacon Lighting on the evening of 6 June 2024. More details to follow nearer the time, however, if anyone has any other suggestions to add please get in touch.

Salt Bins – it is disappointing to have to reiterate that these bins are for storing road salt, and not for depositing dog refuse bags or other rubbish. There are plenty of waste bins nearby, so this should not happen.

Potholes – SPC have again reported the potholes on village roads. We would urge residents to also report them on the NYC website; they are more likely to be repaired if more people complain.

SPC Vacancies – We are looking for two Parish Councillors and a Parish Clerk. If you feel you can contribute to making the village a better place, please get in touch; age is no barrier.