From the Parish Council – August 2023

Solar Array – The Planning Inspector has overturned HDC’s planning permission rejection of the Solar Installation. SPC are disappointed at the decision and the manner in which the appeal hearing was conducted and are exploring options to challenge the decision.

The Inspector placed a number of planning conditions that must be adhered to in constructing the facility. We will be closely monitoring the construction phase with an expert to ensure those conditions are fully complied with and that the disruption to the village is kept to a minimum.

Coronation Memorials – The new Playing Field entrance has necessitated a new notice board. This will be jointly funded by the Cricket Club, the Playing Fields and SPC and will be the village commemoration of the coronation of His Majesty, King Charles III.

SPC thank Joan Walker for all her help in distributing the Coronation Mugs to Scruton’s young people. There are just a few mugs left, so if you would like to buy any, please contact the Clerk.

Other Works – Later in the year the fascia board on the Bus Shelter will be replaced and the two memorial seats on the Green will be repainted.