From the Parish Council – December 2022

We thank Kevin Procter for leaf clearing on the Village Green and Trevor Howe for planting bulbs, donated by Kirkby Fleetham WI, on Pittfields Corner. We look forward to their display in spring.

The issue of flooding at the corner of Silver Street and at the bottom of Common Lane has been raised with the Highways Agency who are investigating the blockage at Silver Street and confirm that it is not beneath the road. However, they are not convinced there is an issue with flooding in Common Lane, but we will send photos the next time it floods.

We are exploring the possibility of naming the approach to the church after Queen Elizabeth II. Please keep sending us your suggestions for a memorial.

We have been asked to arrange a meeting between walking groups and local landowners where walkers can express their thanks and all parties can raise concerns in a constructive and friendly manner. If you would like to take part, please let SPC know.