From the Parish Council – February 2023

Silver Street Corner – Hopefully the recent work on the drain will resolve the flooding issue and the puddle will not reappear the next time it rains.

Speeding – You may have noticed the traffic speed warning signs in Great Fencote. SPC do not intend getting this system for Scruton (we do not have a budget for this, which costs around £3,500). We have however asked the Highways Agency if they will install a roadside monitoring box with sensor wires across the road which should identify if we have a speeding problem in the village. The last time one was installed it did not identify a problem.

Dogs – Due to the number of complaints we have received about dog fouling, we have asked for the Dog Warden to start visiting the village again.

Parking – Part of the benefit to Scruton of the Pittfields development was the provision of 12 parking spaces for residents who live opposite Pittfields; in order that they may park their vehicles off the road, so as not to cause a hazard on the corner of Common Lane and Station Road. We understand there has been some confusion about who is entitled to use these spaces; hopefully this clarifies the matter.

Queen Elizabeth – Currently the suggestions of a commemoration of Her Majesty include: a memorial rose garden, naming the approach to the Church after her, a clock or a plaque.  SPC are considering combining the Queen’s commemoration with the King’s Coronation and we would welcome any further suggestions or comments.

Spring Flowers – As Spring approaches, Trevor would like to point out that the spring flowers on the roadside at Pittfields and on the Village Green are the work of years of planting by many people, so that we can all enjoy the splendid colours and joy they provide.