From the Parish Council – February 2024

Thank You – to Rob and Bill Raine for their valiant efforts in clearing the flood on Station Road.

Fly Tipping – There appears to be an increase of fly tipping, which we have reported to Highways. You can also report fly tipping on the NYC website. The more reports they receive, the more likely it is that something will be done.

Ham Hall Lane – The good news is that some potholes have now been repaired. We are informed that the road will be closed from now to mid-March to work on the flooding problems (but given the recent storms, it may well take longer).

Resilience Plan – The basic ethos of the village plan is that, in the event of the routes in and out of the village being closed by fallen trees or massive snow fall etc., Network Scruton and the village WhatsApp groups will be used to put out a call to arms for those with suitable vehicles, chain saws and shovels to help clear the routes so that the emergency services can get in and out.

The Village Hall will become the safe/ warm space. We hope to encourage neighbour hubs whereby residents will look out for their vulnerable neighbours in the first instance Those with alternative heating and cooking facilities can perhaps help with hot drinks and food.

In addition, we would encourage all single occupants to have a fail-safe plan whereby they contact a relative or neighbour at least twice a day to let them know they are OK. In the event of not hearing, the neighbour/relative can gain access to the premises to see if all is well or if medical assistance is needed, thus reducing the time left unattended.

It is a very simple plan and one we feel can be achieved. We do not have the facilities or resources for a more elaborate one. It is accepted that not everyone will be pleased with this plan.