From the Parish Council – July 2023

Scruton Fest – SPC would like to thank all those who helped make the festival a success, once again a sterling effort which shows Scruton at its best.

Solar Array – The Planning Inspectorate has heard Lightrock’s appeal against HDC’s rejection of their planning application for a solar power station. The result will be announced by 31 August.

Dangerous Litter – If anyone knows who the misguided soul is that discards their empty beer bottles along the footpaths leading to and in the fields along the river, please ask them to stop it and take their bottles home. Their reckless discarding endangers all users of this area, broken glass can cause serious damage. Also, if this broken glass is gathered up in the Farmer’s hay bales it can have serious consequences for the cattle it is intended to feed.

Coronation Memorial –  Suggestions will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on 13 July. If you have an idea and haven’t yet told us, please forward them to the Parish Clerk.