From the Parish Council – June 2021

New Chair – Councillor Nye has succeeded Councillor Widmer as Chair.

RAF Leeming – SPC are grateful to Wing Commander Guy Lefroy for attending the AGM and explaining the flight path for operational aircraft. For military aircraft to take off and land safely, they have a pre-determined approach which involves flying close to Scruton. Aircraft also need to maintain power (which is noisy) to keep safely airborne when turning. Visiting aircraft will be briefed to avoid flying over the village as much as possible.

Ham Hall Lane – NYCC have written to all stakeholders/landowners requesting a survey of the drainpipe from Ham Hall Lane to identify the blockages which are causing the flooding. SPC believe the most cost-effective and permanent solution would be the installation of a new drain and are communicating this to the other stakeholders.

Planning – SPC have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the parish with regard to planning applications. Those most effected by an application get notified by Hambleton DC before SPC are informed; if you think there are any pertinent factors that the SPC should know, please inform the Parish Clerk in writing and a Councillor will visit.

Bus-stop Books – SPC will install two cabinets in the brick bus shelter to enable Janet Crampton to set up a book lend/swap initiative.  Parishioners are encouraged to donate and recycle good condition books. Look out for further details on Network Scruton.

Car Charging Point – suggestions are invited regarding the desirability and location of an electric car charging point. Contact the Clerk with ideas.

Dial-a-bus – NYCC will pilot an ‘on-demand’ bus service in the Ripon, Bedale & Masham area in July. For more information go to NYCC website