From the Parish Council – October 2023

Pittfields – We are pleased to report that agreement has been reached with the landowners (THG Ltd.) and residents of Pittfields to allow the white van (normally parked near the junction of Common Lane & Station Road) to use the spaces at Pittfields in future. This will alleviate a hazard at the junction, which several people have complained about.

D-Day – 6 June 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day. There will be a national celebration, culminating in the lighting of beacons in the evening. This event is worthy of support and now is a good time to start planning village events. SPC would like to facilitate an initial meeting of village organisations to co-ordinate the events. Please forward any expressions of interest to the Clerk.

Amenities – We have been offered some orchid plants. Please forward any suggestions for planting areas around the village to the Parish Clerk.

The Commemorative Coronation Notice Board for the Playing Fields has been purchased and will be put in place soon.

It has been suggested that an additional defibrillator be purchased and sited in Common Lane. These are expensive devices to purchase & maintain, but if there is sufficient support, we will endeavour to raise appropriate finance.