Gardener’s World – March 2023

How good to see the snowdrops, aconites, crocus and early daffodils, spring is just around the corner and the village green is looking lovely!

Snowdrops benefit from splitting when they become congested. Do this after they have flowered when the leaves are green. Split them into roughly 6 bulbs and replant, an easy way to increase your stock or give away. Garden Centres are charging £7 a pot for a few bulbs!

HelleboresHellebores are flowering and if you have not already done so, cut the old leaves down to the base as they can become diseased. They come in different shades of pink as well as white, some white are spotted and I have a black and a yellow one. There are also double ones. Let them set seed and self seed, so that next year you will have lots of young plants which will flower after a year or two, more free plants!

Now is the time to chit early potatoes, either in egg boxes or trays, with the blunt end up, somewhere light and frost free, a windowsill is ideal. When the sprouts are 2.5 cm in a couple of weeks, plant them out. If garden space is an issue, plant them in pots, sacks or plastic bags with holes. Swift or Rocket are a good variety for our soil.