Gardeners’ World – May 2024

More rain, fluctuating temperatures, frost and strong winds, but plants keep on growing. It is a case of the survival of the fittest. I have lost a rhododendron in full bud to wind burn, but another in a sheltered position has survived.

Daffodils are finishing flowering and will benefit from a feed of Fish Blood and Bone and dead heading, which saves the bulbs from putting energy into setting seed. Those that have not flowered may be overcrowded or planted too shallow. Re-plant them in smaller groups, three times the depth of the bulb.

Tulips dislike the wind and those in sheltered positions will do best. Plant some new bulbs each year because, apart from some of the little species and older varieties, tulips don’t repeat flower for long and some won’t flower at all the following year.

Lime green Euphorbia is my flower of the month, especially Robbiae which is medium height and flowers well.  Do be careful not to get the white sap on your skin as you may be allergic to it.