Parish Council – February 2022

Street Light – SPC have received a request to install a new street light by the Village Hall. Currently we are canvassing villagers in that location; that stretch of road is rather dark and poorly lit and it is suggested that more lighting in the vicinity of the Village Hall would increase safety to those using that stretch of road at night.  We would welcome any views on this matter.

Snickets – Trevor Howe has acquired some wildflower seeds and some small bushes. He will organise planting & sowing of the sides of the snickets when the weather warms up a bit. We will be asking for some volunteers to help nearer the time.

Trees – Following last month’s request re. Jubilee trees, it has been suggested that two trees be planted on the grass verge near the North West Thankful Village sign on Fleetham Lane; we welcome any opinions on this matter.

The willow tree stump on Common Lane will be removed to allow grass to be sown sometime during Spring.

Crimewatch – After the recent Police activity just outside the Village, there was a suggestion that some crime prevention advice would be helpful. North Yorkshire Police have a Crime Prevention Team that can deliver advice; if there is sufficient interest we can arrange for them to attend and give a presentation. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending such a presentation.