King Charles III Coronation

King Charles III coronation mugs

SPC have not received any suggestions for celebrating or commemorating the Coronation, if you have any ideas please forward them to the Parish Clerk.

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A Load of Old Rubbish!

Allerton Park Waste Recovery Site

The new operators at the Allerton Park Waste Recovery Site (south on the A1 close to the A59 junction) are offering ‘Visitor Experience Tours’.

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Sociable Warm Space

Coore Memorial Hall, Scruton

Volunteers from St. Radegund’s Church have agreed with the Coore Memorial Hall to hold open times this winter when Scruton residents can socialise in the village hall.

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Nature Notes – December 2022

by Andy Johnson The Twelve Days of Christmas is an old English Carol* featuring mainly animals.  A partridge is an English or grey partridge. Turtle doves are now rare but occasionally seen locally. French hens are thought to be Breton hens. Calling birds (or ‘colly’ in early versions) meant blackbirds. Gold rings were thought to…

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