Solar Array Approved

solar panels with sheep

The outcome of Lightrock’s appeal against HDC’s refusal for a Solar Array was published on 27 June. The scheme will now go ahead, subject to conditions. Decision – The main issue in the appeal was the effect of the development on, and potential loss of, agricultural land. Whilst recognising that land classification is a matter…

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Nature Notes – August 2023

Sparrow Hawk

We have at least one pair of sparrow hawks which operate in the village. Those of you with bird feeders will be aware of the sudden attacks on garden birds, or more usually the tell-tale sign of a patch of feathers on the lawn.

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Nature Notes – July 2023

Northern Wheatear

Recently I walked up Meeth Gill just west of Reeth to the Old Gang Smelt Mills to see how many species of upland birds I could find, especially summer migrants.

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Gardener’s World – June 2023


At last the warm weather is here and the gardens are growing almost too fast. Plants are very vigorous and it looks like a good year for peonies; mine have never been so tall!

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Nature Notes – June 2023

Noble false widow & asian hornet

by Andy Johnston Rewilding is all the rage at the moment. However it may come as a surprise that there are over 2,000 non-native species of plants & animals already established in the UK. Many have been deliberately introduced, but a significant number have arrived accidentally. Examples in our neighbourhood include Himalayan balsam, Japanese knot-weed,…

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