Parish Council News – April 2023

Silver Street Corner – The ongoing saga of the flood at the corner of Silver St and Station Rd has caused a lot of frustration, SPC have regularly asked for updates. The issue is that an engineer from British Gas has to be in attendance, and the co-ordination between the engineer and the Highways Agency staff has been problematic. We have been promised that work will be completed by the end of March. *

 * A ‘void’ has been found under the road at Silver Street corner. The road will be closed; look for further updates on Network Scruton.

Litter – The litter Pick-Up undertaken on the verge beside Fence Dike Lane collected two bags of rubbish and a large number of wine and beer bottles. SPC would also like to thank all the village heroes who quietly pick up litter from the lanes and along the river flood plain; your efforts to keep our village looking nice do not go unnoticed. Thank you.

Village Green Trees – Planning permission has been received for tree pruning to commence on the Village Green. We will advise when we know the date that work will start.

Coronation – SPC have been asked if a tree will be planted to commemorate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. We would like to do this, and would also welcome any other suggestions.