Virtual Screen Scruton – April

In lieu of the usual SCREEN SCRUTON which would normally have taken place today at the Village Hall, I have instead produced an alternative Virtual Screen Scruton.

Although it's not possible to stream the movie JUDY (the film that was planned for April), I have instead put together a small selection of supporting features and short films ("found on the internet!").
I hope you enjoy them and if there is anything else from previous film nights or any other film-short you would like to see as a future supporting features, please let me know.

Start with an old favourite - the famous FOUR CANDLES sketch by the Two Ronnies.

Maggie Smiths FINEST MOMENTS from Downton Abbey - enjoy!

Another old favourite from a previous film night - The SWIMMING GIRAFFES

THE FOUR CANDLES - This one is a message of Hope.

And next, something completely different! - a socially distancing virtual choir!

The RED BALLOON - An enchanting classic short film (30 mins) from 1956. A red balloon with a life of its own follows a little boy around the streets of Paris.

THE GUNFIGHTER - an unusual comedy short for adults. WARNING - Includes adult some themes and strong language.