All That Jazz!

Susan Rogers plans to start a new Jazz and Blues band based in Scruton. Jazz covers a wide range of different styles but what she has in mind will not be a ‘trad jazz’ or ‘modern jazz’ band.

Susan says, “I’m thinking of it as lounge jazz / swing jazz / easy listening music. Songs like Autumn Leaves, Aint’ Misbehavin’, Summertime, Georgia and so on. Interested musicians will get together initially for jam sessions and we’ll take it from there. All instruments are welcome, although I’m specifically looking for bass/bass guitar; front line (sax, clarinet, trumpet) and drummer.”

You do not need to have played jazz before as Susan can teach you, nor do you need to be mega proficient on your instrument. As long as you can play basic tunes, you’ll pick up the rest. If you are interested please contact Susan at or call 07776 145 529 or 01609 748 630. Please also spread the word to any musical friends in the surrounding area.