End of Year Reflections – 2020

Scruton residents were asked, ‘what one thing stands out for you from 2020 and what do you most look forward to in 2021?’ The replies are below…

Looking Back on 2020

  • The kindness of family, friends and neighbours.
  • The safe birth of our youngest grand-daughter, Daisy Grace.
  • The degree to which ordinary people have obeyed the rules.
  • The generosity shown by the residents of Scruton.
  • Support for the fireworks.
  • The community spirit at the VE Day ‘stay-at-home’ street party.
  • Groceries and take-away food from the Coore Arms in lockdown.
  • Finding Greenways in Scruton and having our offer accepted!
  • During isolation many people have re-discovered solace in books, music and nature. I hope it lasts.
  • Coming together for the service of Remembrance on the Green.

Looking Forward to 2021

  • Freedom from restrictions about what we can do.
  • Moving to Greenways in January and becoming fully-fledged members of the community!
  • Completing my house renovation.
  • Simply shaking hands again.
  • Not having to wear a mask and going to the pub for a beer.
  • Coffee mornings with friends.
  • I look forward to freedom.
  • Going away for a holiday.
  • I most look forward to hugging my children and grandchildren.
  • Meeting up with WI friends again.
  • 2021 – Just bring it on!