From the Parish Council – February 2021

Although official Council meetings are suspended due to Covid-19, the Council has nevertheless continued to operate on behalf of Scruton residents.

Monthly risk assessments have been carried out. Grass has been cut on the village green, Pittfields Corner and highway verges, with additional work on the green to enhance growth and maintain the trees.

Road grit bins have been refilled and an additional dog waste bin provided at the end of Common Lane. Holly bushes have been planted at Pittfields Corner and trees in Station Road have been trimmed to enable large vehicles to pass safely without damage.

With the aim of keeping the village in a clean state, negotiations took place with the Community Rehabilitation Groups. Discussions also continued with both NYCC Highways and the Environment Agency regarding the A684 flooding and diversions through Scruton.

The Council strives to keep the parish precept low compared to adjoining parishes. It continues to finance the village newsletter and contributions are encouraged. The Council will publish more information to keep residents informed of its activities. The thriving property market in Scruton is testament to the fact that this is a desirable settlement in which to reside.