From the Parish Council – June 2022

By Cllr. Syd Nye (Chairman)

Jubilee Mugs – SPC are pleased to announce that the free Jubilee Mugs for under 16 year old villagers will be distributed at the Village Picnic on 5th June. Councillor Trevor Howe will be handing them out. Please can you let the Parish Clerk know who will be collecting them. Jubilee Mugs are on sale via the Parish Clerk at £6 per mug (they will not be on sale at the Picnic).

Jubilee Tree Planting – Following positive feedback, SPC will buy a tree to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen. It will be planted on the Green outside the Lodge near the entrance to Kevin Procter’s drive. Details of the type of tree and arrangements for the tree planting to follow.

Jubilee Celebrations – SPC have purchased the fireworks for the Jubilee celebrations and paid for a Commemorative Booklet to be delivered to every household in the Parish. The money is from the Community Fund.

Speeding – After receiving a number of complaints about speeding along Station Road and in particular near the Level Crossing, SPC have written to the Highways Agency requesting a site meeting to discuss the problem, with a view to new signage and the temporary installation of a traffic census box to establish if a speeding problem exists.

New Councillor – SPC would like to welcome Maurice Daley, who has agreed to be co-opted onto the Parish Council (contact details in panel below).

Meeting Dates – Please refer to the panel below for council meeting dates in 2022 & 2023.