From the Parish Council – June 2024

All change at SPC – as we bid a fond farewell to Mike Widmer and Chris Barron with all our thanks and gratitude for all their hard work on SPC; Maurice Daley has taken the Chair and Trevor Howe is the Vice Chair. We welcome new Councillor John Cherry to SPC.

We are still actively seeking another Councillor and a new Parish Clerk (which is a paid position). We are grateful to Chris Barron for helping us by continuing to collate the minutes, post them online and manage our finances for the time being.

Good News! – regarding flooding in Ham Hall Lane – the water has finally gone!  The issue was caused by a blockage under the Cricket Field and there are numerous people to thank for identifying the blockage and clearing it: James Watkinson, John Stubbs, Greg Clapham, Mark Gatenby and Trevor Howe. The Cricket Club will install a manhole so that if another blockage occurs it can be rodded and cleared quickly without all the previous problems. NYC will also install two new drains in Ham Hall lane to prevent further build-up of silt.

Dogs – A gentle reminder that the crops in the farmers’ fields are maturing and as such are more prone to damage by dogs running through them. Wherever possible please stop your dogs from going into the crops.  Also, contrary to popular belief, there is no dog poo bags picking up service in the village, so please pick up your dog poo bags and put them in the bins provided and don’t leave them by the wayside. Thank you.