From the Parish Council – May 2024

Thank you – As I approach the end of my tenure as Chair of SPC I would like to thank all those who have helped me. There are too many to name all, and you know who you are, so please be assured of my sincere gratitude. I would however like to thank Chris Barron for all his help and for his sterling service as the Parish Clerk, and Mike Widmer, who has stepped down from SPC, for his hard work and support to me. I’d also like to thank Stephen for helping me with the Newsletter articles.

D-Day (80) – SPC are aware that there is a comprehensive programme of events planned in Kirkby Fleetham and we felt that commemorations in Scruton should be arranged so that people could attend both if they wish. Full details are on the front page, and I am most grateful to Jacqueline Mainwaring-Taylor for her help and advice in planning our activities.

SPC Vacancy – I’m pleased to announce that we have a new prospective Councillor currently going through due process. We still have one more vacancy for Councillor and Parish Clerk if you wish to join us to make our village better.

Dog Mess – There has been a noticeable increase in dog mess being left on the footpaths and tracks around the village. The farmers kindly allow us to use the tracks and paths around their fields but expect us to pick up after our dogs, so please clear up after your dogs and deposit the refuse bags in one of the dog refuse bins.