From the Rectory – March 2022

One of the joys of living in beautiful North Yorkshire is watching the changing seasons. I love hares and have seen a number recently. Hares are associated with many religions. A sign of spring arriving is the sight of leaping hares, who have a reputation for being mad, especially in March. Lewis Carroll had a March hare at Alice’s tea party and the term ‘hare-brained’ stems from their spring time behaviour. Spring is a wonderful time of year with new life, the promise of longer days and the joy of watching God’s creation grow. Even the birds and animals seem to sing His praise in spring, as Bob Gotti wrote:

God’s tiny creatures are everywhere,

on all the lands and in the air.

Everywhere you look there’s proof,

of God’s Creation and His Truth.

Various creatures in a wide array,

are on this earth and on display.

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