From the Rectory – November 2022

November is a month of remembering, from All Saints to All Souls, to Armistice Day and then, ‘Remember remember the 5th of November’, fireworks and bonfires.

There’s something very British about celebrating the failure of a plot to use explosives in an assassination. Is it an attempt to ‘cheer’ the hearts of those who find remembering difficult? Many things we try actively to forget, but remembering is so important.

November can be melancholy, but when we find ourselves stuck in negativity and despair, we remind ourselves that remembering is not only about the sorrowful stuff but more importantly the joyful stuff of our lives. Remembering the good times can bring us to gratitude which jolts us out of the bad times. We can then reflect on the good that can come out of the bad times, some growth, strength, renewed faith and hope.