Morton Bridge Saga

Syd Nye reports that Scruton Parish Councillors met with the Highways Agency and North Yorkshire Council regarding the recent flooding at Morton Flatts. Apparently, an automatic email system is now in place to alert Parish Councils to flooding issues, this email is received by both Syd and the Parish Clerk, who, hopefully, will forward messages of bridge closure to Network Scruton enabling anyone, particularly those with urgent appointments in Northallerton to make alternative travel arrangements.

The Agency also report that a proposed automatic system which will register the height of the water and enable the Highways agency to close the A684 earlier is being worked on. However, some of the recent problems with abandoned vehicles blocking the road after their occupants were rescued by the emergency services have been caused by drivers ignoring flood warning signs only to be stranded in deep water.

Looking Back

The classically inspired Grade II listed bridge at Morton-on-Swale was designed and built in 1747-48 by Yorkshire architect John Carr (1723 – 1807). Carr worked almost exclusively in Yorkshire and was responsible for designing many private and public buildings, including Constable Burton Hall and the prison in Northallerton, as well as over 50 bridges, many of which are still in use today. Find out more here: