Nature Notes – April 2020

Spring has finally arrived, the dawn chorus is well underway and skylarks are singing. Daylight is rapidly increasing, encouraging the re-birth of plant and animal life.

Those of you with ponds will no doubt have plenty of frog spawn (photo thanks to Liz Davies) which will be followed by toad spawn towards the end of April.

Chiffchaffs have arrived and within the next couple of weeks willow warblers, blackcaps and yellow wagtails will be here. For those of you who walk by the Swale, house martins will soon arrive, and do be on the lookout for a passing osprey!! By the end of the month our first swallows and house martins may have arrived.

During April many trees will green up, and more cherry, magnolia and forsythia blossom will be there to enjoy in the village. We are very lucky to live in the countryside where nature is on our doorstep. Try not to ignore it, take advantage as it is good for the soul.