Parish Council – July 2021

The planning application for the Solar Installation has been submitted to Hambleton DC.

It’s a large document and some of the annexes are hard to find on the HDC website; SPC strongly recommend that you read it carefully (for example, Lightrock state that they invited all local Parish Councils to a presentation on solar energy but none took up the offer. They neglect to say that Covid restrictions prevented attendance). SPC have requested that the consultation period be extended because the document is so large, the closing date for comments or objections is now 15 July 2021.

SPC will object to the application, the Parish voted two to one against the plan. That will not be enough to stop this application being passed, HDC will receive a considerable amount of money per annum in business rates from this plan, so if you do not want the plan to be approved you will need to object. More objections means a better chance of the plan being rejected.

SPC are aware that the Action Group have prepared and are in the process of delivering a pamphlet that highlights the disadvantages of the installation, they have also prepared an objection letter to be signed and sent to HDC. SPC also advise you to carefully read this pamphlet as well. To make a balanced informed decision you need all the facts.

The only reason Scruton was selected for the Solar Installation is because the electric sub-station is close by. The only people who will benefit from this installation are the landowners, HDC and Bluefield investors.

SPC would like to point out its green credentials, SPC own and maintain around 100 trees in the village.