Parish Council – May 2022

New Council – Four current Councillors were returned unopposed to the Parish Council, there is therefore a vacancy for a Councillor. We can co-opt a new member, so if you fancy serving as a Parish Councillor please let the Clerk know in writing.

Solar Farm – ECAP Renewables cancelled the scheduled meeting with the PC about their proposed solar installation along the north side of Fence Dyke Lane at short notice because of connection issues; we are not sure if they will proceed with their plans. To date we have no further information on the progress of Lightrock’s planning application. We have been informed that there is another planning application for a two hundred acre solar farm to the west of the A1 at Holtby/Langthorne.

Platinum Jubilee – Residents who would like a free jubilee mug (as advertised last month and on Network Scruton) for any young person in their household of 16 or under, should contact the Parish Clerk. A number of residents have expressed interest in buying a mug, the price is £6.

The Parish Council have agreed to pay for the fireworks at the Jubilee Beacon Lighting Party from the Community Fund. We hope everyone in the village will enjoy all the activities proposed to celebrate Her Majesty, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To date there have been no expressions of interest in planting a Jubilee tree so we will not be pursuing this initiative.